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Applying for CRNA programs

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So I am in the process of applying to CRNA programs and am having quite a bit of difficulty with my personal statement. I have many ideas of things I want to include but was wondering if some of you who are currently practicing CRNA's would mind sharing with me the things you enjoy most about your specialty. Some of the things I have already considered are 1)autonomy CRNA's have in the OR 2) the ability to continue to utilize your skills as a critical care nurse 3) the high acuity setting. My problem is that with the exception of autonomy, the other reasons are things I love about being a SICU nurse, they are not specific to CRNA. I am trying to find a way to incorporate the best things about being an ICU nurse while still showing my interest for anesthesia. Any help would be amazing!

Thank you!

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I'm going to start my first semester in anesthesia school at the end of summer. So my essay 'worked', but mind you I have no ability to speak as a CRNA (just wanting to make that clear!).

Now, please don't take what I say and copy it into your essay. You need to be original. You might think it won't matter, but if you get that interview, they may very well have a copy of that essay in front of them while they ask you questions and you want to make sure that who you are genuinly shows through in the essay. You will not be the first person they have ever interviewed so don't try and be sneaky :coollook:

Okay, disclaimer over. ha!

My favorite pts in the ICU are the ones that require my full attention, the one-to-ones, where you pretty much have to stay in the room because you don't dare wonder away from the bedside for any length of time. I love monitoring the pts and intervening (spell?) when necessary, ideally you keep the 'drama' to a minimum --prevent the bad situations when you can, deal with them when they come up. Anyways, for me, anesthesia is like the ULTIMATE ICU job. You can focus all of your attention to the care of that single pt. You are monitoring them minute by minute to make sure they are okay. (to put it simply. . . and also I haven't actually done this yet. . . just looking forward to it!!!). Its the most intense bedside nursing you can do!

You can be fairly autonomous as a NP . . . but you won't be monitoring pt's like a CRNA. The NP would be more like the PA or MD role, overseeing many pts. Managers are 'autonomous' in a way too. So autonomy isn't necessarily CRNA stuff. And your experience is as an ICU nurse, so just be honest. All those things you mentioned, even though they apply to the SICU, they are what is also drawing you to be a CRNA, and schools know this I think. They require ICU experience because it gives you some idea of what you will be doing when you administer anesthesia.

Have I confused you? yes? okay, then my work is done!:D Just kidding. Not sure if that helped much, but really, just be honest in your essay. I was so nervous about what to write I put off submitting my application until the day before it was due --and I had planned to apply early. Ironically, that's the school I got into. Where are you applying? Good luck with everyghing.

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