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Applying to Charity School of Nursing for Spring 2016

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Hello everyone. Im applying to charity school of nursing this august for the spring 2016 semester and I am taking my test at the beginning of july. I would like to know if anyone has taken the Hesi for charity school of nursing's RN program and what study guides helped you to do well on the exam. Thank you!

I just took mine on May 14th and scored a 92. For prep I purchased the Hesi review book


If you can find it elsewhere for less do that. There is also this app I purchased for $10 from the App Store (I have an iPhone so idk if it is available for android) that had over 1000 practice questions. Just go to the App Store and type in Hesi. It had a purple icon.

Hello everyone. I will be taking my hesi test on Monday the 8 and hoping I pass with a good score, if so I will be applying for the spring 2016. My points without the hesi is 70 and mrs. karine told me at the advising meeting in july the average score for the pervious class was around the 60s points. Does anyone have hesi advice. I have searched on line and some people says vocabulary and math are just like it is in the hesi admission assessment exam review edition 3. I have also heard different, some have said the vocabulary/grammar is all about correcting sentences, words and some definitions. I would also ask if anyone could give me some advice about the a&p and biology? I want to do good on my test and I'm nervous. I cannot believe I have made it this far, I started this journey 2 1/2 years ago at the age of 48 and I will be 51 this year and all my pre classes are completed. It was hard but I did it with a overall GPA 3.5 but for the csn course I have a 3.18. I'm so happy I decided to take this journey in my life. Good night everyone can't wait to see the response tomorrow.