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I am new to this site and am looking for anyone else applying to Case's anesthesia program this fall. I opted to only apply to Case and did not apply to any other schools in the area. This of course could have been a bad choice to place all my eggs in one basket, but it is the school that I really want to go too. Has anyone heard about interviews yet?

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I also applied, like, I sent my application in last week:)

We will see what happens in the weeks to come

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I also just recently sent mine it so I know I won't be in the September interviews. I am hoping for Oct. Good luck!

I have an interview Sept 21st. I applied around the end of July. I also "put my eggs in one basket" because after researching the programs in the area, Case is where I want to go. Good luck.


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Good Luck Renee!

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Good luck Renee! I hope your interview goes well. I really do prefer Case to other programs in the area. They just received the last of my references about a week ago so hopefully October will be my month. Let us know how your interview goes!

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