Applying for CA license from Canada



My fiance is finishing up her undergrad nursing program in Alberta, Canada and I live in Bay Area studying on F-1 visa.

We are planning on getting married in Canada in September, and then we are going to move down and she's gonna find a job here.

With all the changes in the application procedure in California that made almost impossible for international graduates to apply for license by examination (such as requiring all the applicants to have SSN to write the test and etc...), My fiance and I thought that it would be best if she writes the NCLEX-RN elsewhere (like Nevada), pass the exam, and then find an employer or sponsor in Bay Area. That way, she can at least the pass the exam and increase a chance of finding a job here.

We know that the job market here is bleak but we believe this is the best we could do at this point.

So my questions is...

1. Is taking the NCLEX exam in Nevada good idea? Any other state that you would like to recommend just to write the test?

Let me know please. Any other advice will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you so much!