Applying for the Air Force January 2012 boards. Need some advice...


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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here on this site and after reading many of the other responses to many of the other post, I feel like a lot of great information has been given. So I decided to sign up and post my question here. Many of the questions I had have already been answered scrolling through the other threads. I have started the application process for the January 2012 boards and have just about completed the paperwork portion (just waiting on some medical records to be mailed in). I have been a nurse for 4.5 years in oncology (hematology/oncology/BMT). I currently work on the floor PRN and am an oncology case manager full time. I am also trying to get a position in the ER to get some critical care experience. I was told by my recruiter that I had to apply to med/surg, but if I get into the Air Force I'm not sure if I want to stay in med/surg long. Is it easy to move into different nursing fields in the Air Force? About how long does someone usually have to wait before transferring as well? Do you think I should try to get ER/ICU experience before getting in? Will it make a difference?

Also, I am a single parent (I have a 2 yr old). Are there many single parent nurses who are in? Do they find it difficult managing the hours, work requirements, etc and their families? I know that no one can tell me exactly what to do or not do but I am really interested in honest opinions and/or suggestions. Being a single parent is one of the reasons I am considering joining (financial, health, etc), but it definitely weighs on my mind heavily as well. I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision.

Well, this post is getting kinda long. But I would like to really thank everyone in advance for the input.

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It's been a while since January, have you had an answer if you could join as a signle parent?

thank you

everyone i spoke to said you couldnt join a single parent to become an officer nurse


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Hi vome,

Yes I have had my answer and you can join as a single parent. Single parents not being able to join only applies to enlisted. Commissioned officers can. I was confused by this at first, but when I spoke to the recruiter she clarified it for me.