Applying to Accelerated BSN OHSU


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I am CNA Certified and completing my prereqs to apply for the Accelerated BSN program for OHSU 2022 Fall start and hoping to start this thread to connect with others in the same boat.

To be eligible, I will need to complete Genetics and Microbio. These are the last classes I'll need. 

I am enrolled to take Microbio and Genetics this term but am grappling with the decision to keep or drop them. I believe my schedule/life will feel more spacious in the Spring, then I thought I could hold off on Microbio?

I am working 4x/week and in transition with moving/ending a relationship. I am also volunteering at a hospital once a week. Nonetheless, I feel stressed and managing as best as I can.

I checked in with an admissions counselor at OHSU, and found out that I can in fact complete all prereqs by May to start in Summer/fall 2022. Two questions here;  I am afraid I don't have enough healthcare experience but cannot take on a CNA job. What kinds of healthcare experiences have most applicants had? And two, should I take Microbiology this term or take it in the Spring (when I'll have more time?