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Application Status on BreEZE Disappeared

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I applied around November 2018 for Licensure by Examination. I've complied with the requirements asked of me, with the last requirement sent in this February 2019. It's already April and I still cannot see my "View Application Status" on my BreEZe account, nor was I sent a physical letter in the mail asking for more documents / requirements. I recently called CA-BON and was able to get hold of someone who looked into my status. He said that I was asked for one more document but he can see that a mail was received last February (the last document I sent in). I asked for an update on my application and all he was able to tell me is that I just need to wait 14 to 16 weeks from the date the document was received. Can anyone tell me what to expect from here? Does that mean my file is already being evaluated? Or my document is just sitting there waiting to be evaluated? :(

Any help or insight would really be helpful! Thank you so much.

I'm an international applicant who graduated last June 2018.


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