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I had debate with an nurse and want to clear things out as I did not find clear answer for that question 

The question is 


What are an services? 


My answer was 

Pain Management 

Post operative care in terms of pain 


She told wrong the answer should be 





I told those put under category of pain management 

Any input in term of APN services will appreciated 


Apology if wrong section

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To edit some terms, used APS instead of APN 
Acute Pain Services 
Rectify the question to the following 
What are the services you provide in your hospital as an APS nurse?
To clear the debate, what do you think I am not a specialist as an acute pain service nurse? The APS nurse asked me through my orientation program about the services we provide; my answer was Pain management and post OP care related to the pain. The APS nurse told me I am wrong; the correct answer should be epidural, PCA, Non-pharmaceutical, and Multimodal analgesia.  

my argument was that what you mentioned categorized under pain management per the definition  if you want to present services should be by description, not the types of pain management as your question was not formulated correctly 


Any input would be appreciated and again sorry if wrong section