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Hi everyone, I am wondering if there's anyone who has advice on the AOCNP exam. Anything like grades recommended for practice exams prior to registering, advice on study tips/resources, etc. I have been in oncology for just over a year and have been starting to study some and take courses that help my practice overall but would like advice from those who have recently taken this or have any ideas about it. Thanks!

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In case anyone comes looking for the same information I was, I passed my AOCNP exam 9/6/23. I will say, I tend to be a good test taker/don't have test anxiety, which helps. The way I studied was to read through the Advanced Oncology Nursing Certification Review and Resource Manual, do the questions in the back of that book and read through the rationales of questions I got wrong. I also did multiple practice exams on ONCC itself. One tip is if you retake the exams through ONCC in the 14-day window, you will get a few new questions each time. I know there isn't an exact score to get to have a good idea you will pass, but in case it is helpful, I was getting 70s-80s on the exams through ONCC. Overall, I feel like the test definitely covers mostly general knowledge that oncology NPs should have. There were definitely questions I had no idea and guessed but I did not find that the questions were trying to trick you. The test outline on ONCC is also helpful, as it breaks down the percentage of topics and gives a very broad idea of what to study. Prior to deciding to take the AOCNP, I also went through APSHO's chemo prescribing course. This gave a good breakdown of things also, but I don't think you have to use this for review specifically. It is helpful if you are newer to Oncology for a good base knowledge. Good luck to anyone taking the test!! Feel free to reach out if you want, I am happy to help if I can!

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