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Anyone worked at UIC health?

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I applied for ICU position at UIC health system about a month ago. They sent me an email saying they forwarded my resume to the director but I haven't heard anything since then. Does anybody know how long it takes them to contact you and estimate salary for experienced nurse?


I work as a nurse at UIC. It's called UIH now - University of Illinois Hospital and Health Systems. Where did you apply? The manager got back to me within a week. The starting salary varies based on your experience with the starting salary of a RN with no experience being around $30. There are differentials for evening, night shift, and weekend differential which do add up.


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I'm LinaICU from above post. They finally called last week to set up an interview. I have an interview tomorrow for 6W. How is working at UIH? Why do you want to move on to different hospitals?


i have applied multiple times to uic's nicu, and I keep receiving the same email saying my application has been forwarded to the director. I have not gotten beyond this, do you have any suggestions? I have over a years experience in a level II nicu, NRP, stable, and BLS! Thanks for your help!