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Anyone work at VMC's Transitional Care Nursing Unit?

Hi there,

I'm currently in my senior preceptorship for school at VMC's TCNU... I'm also in the midst of doing a report on things that can be changed or improved in the unit--I noticed how busy a place it is during the day shift: pages constantly ove r the PA system, doctors (residents, interns and med students also) and nurses and other staff running around, talking, doing what they have to do...etc etc. I've been noticing how noisy it is and if this be problematic for pts to rest....besides that it's been hard to find out other things that could be improved on the unit--

If you've had experience in the unit and can share some insight that'd be great; in addition to hearing from other nurses or managers on the unit I'd like to hear from other people....

Thanks a bunch

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