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Anyone work in Ruidoso area??

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I am an RN and will be moving soon to Ruidoso (from Texas) to be near family. I finished school in May and passed boards in June (2005). I have about 3 months experience working in Telemetry. Anyone work in the area? Are there entry level jobs to be found? Any feedback regarding where to start looking would be appreciated. I would consider any area of nursing right now.

I am not a nurse, but I would love to be so I browse here some.

Anyway, I live near Ruidoso, I was born at LCMC, and my daughter was born there, and my baby due in November will be born there. I had an awesome nurse when I was there last.

So, sorry, not really any info, but just wanted to say hi from NM!


You will love Ruidoso. It is so beautiful and a nice size town. There are many Texas there so you will feel right at home. (A local joke is that in the winter all the license plates turn yellow-the NM plates are yellow, get it! ha, ha)

Unfortunately the hospital is very small and does not have much of a turn over. There are a couple of other possibilities. The Mescalero Indian Reservation is about 20 minuets away, there is small hospital on that Reservation, they do have nursing jobs, it would be Civil Service, or Commissioned Corps, and the job is only available if no Native American person wants the job. However the hospital does have a rapid turnover rate, so you may be able to get a job, it is just hard to survive the politics in these places, so don't take anything too personally, even seasoned government employees have a hard time working in a lot of these Reservation hospitals. Also, the Mescalero Tribe has recently opened their own Nursing Home. It is for profit and so takes everybody(all ethnic groups, I mean). They are usually looking for some help, but, if you are a new nurse you might be better off starting somewhere else. The Mescalero Tribe likes to remind people who work on the reservation that "we are not subject to federal employment laws, so we can work people however we want and pay whatever we want".

Two other choices would be the hospitals in Roswell and Alamogordo. Both are close to Ruidoso, and both would be good places for a new nurse to start. You could commute if you did not work back to back shifts, or you could drive down and rent a hotel room or stay with someone you know during your 2 or 3 days of work.

Good Luck and Welcome to the Area.


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