Anyone work in NICU in the Phoenix, AZ area?


Hey all! So, I'm a new grad and really trying to gain some insight on the NICU possibilities. I know as new grad everyone says to go Med/Surg first to gain experience, however, speaking with the NICU nurses and NP's I worked alongside during school all told me not to do that. I was able to do several of my rotations in NICU, and even was awarded the "preceptorship" with Banner, however, during the program they cancelled the externships and placed new grad hiring on hold :( The reason I became a nurse was to be a NICU nurse. I have no interest in adults, what so ever. That being said, I realized the chances of me landed a dream NICU position are slim to none, so I would like to know how you got started, what floor would you recommend to help me lateral later, etc. Most of the hospitals out here now have new grad programs (Honor, PCH, Maricopa, Banner - somewhat) so I'm not even sure of any hospitals which have NICU other than those. Any advice/information would be great! Thanks so much in advance.