Anyone work at Grady in Atlanta, and anyone else been passed over for a job?

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Hello everyone! I am new here. I'm a new grad, newly licensed in May. I have an interview this week as a staff nurse on 10A HEM/ONC at Grady Hospital in Atlanta. I just sent in my cover letter and resume yesterday, and the recruiter called me this morning. I was very surprised!

My self esteem has been kind of low lately.:crying2: I have been working as PCT for several months at a different hospital, I took the job to get my foot in the door in hopes of getting into the RN Residency program. I let the nurse manager know this from day one.The nurse manager did not hire me for the program. She told me I was quiet and reserved. I don't know, but I'm not sure she likes me?? I know I am quiet by nature and yes, I can be reserved, but I am a great worker and social with the pts and my coworkers. I never allow my "quietness" to deter me from asking for help or clarification where pt. safety is concerned. or when I need help.. I was feeling pretty hurt when the charge nurse led me to believe I would get the residency, Then the Director hired an external candidate. I had to hunt down the HR recruiter for three days,finally get her on the phone, and was told you're a really strong candidate, but so and so also has a degree in engineering, etc. She said I would be chosen as a "Backup" just in case miss so and so decides she doesnt want the position. Oh? Oh well, that is when I decided to start looking elsewhere. I am happy about this b/c I worked for several years on an oncology/renal unit as a PCT. I felt at home there. Like I was making a difference; however small. I really enjoyed helping the pts there.:nuke: Does that make sense?

Does anyone work there, or can anyone give me advice? Thanks for listening!

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Don't be discouraged, it's a tough market in the Atlanta area right now. The area is being hit hard by the economy, which means a lot of nurses are working more hours to make up for spouses that are working less or not at all. (I'm one of those.) So there just isn't desperation for hiring nurses like there has been in the past. Heck, Wellstar paid for nursing school for a bunch of folks and ended up not hiring them!

Grady will be great experience for you. Especially if you're "quiet and reserved" because it will make you tough and resourceful on top of that. Grady staff is a special group of people. They're there to take care of the patients, not for company wellness programs or pretty interiors. It would be a great opportunity for you. I always try to remember if something I want doesn't work out, there's a reason for it. So it just may be all working out for you the way it's supposed to.

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