Anyone here had any trouble finding a job after graduating from Chamberlain?

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Hi everyone! I'm a long time lurker, first time poster! :)

Anyway, I'm from St. Louis, and I just got waitlisted for UMSL's clinical BSN program. I'm looking at applying at Chamberlain since I have a friend who has a lower GPA than mine and she got accepted. I know that Chamberlain is a for-profit school, so that itself makes me hesitant to apply.

I've read almost every post about Chamberlain on here, but I was wondering if anyone has actually graduated from and gotten a job that they wanted? I don't know anything about this school's reputation. But I DO know that they are listed on the Missouri Board of Nursing's website as an accredited institution, and that their pass rate from 2009 was 90%. I don't know what they're NCLEX pass rate is, though. I've been trying to Google that all day but I can't find anything. Nothing on Chamberlain's website either.

Has anyone here graduated from Chamberlain? Did you have trouble finding work? Does anyone know how employers feel about hiring graduates of Chamberlain? Has anyone WORKED with a graduate of Chamberlain?

If you DID get a job, did you feel like Chamberlain prepared you properly? I know I'm asking a LOT, but any insight would be awesome and SUPER appreciated! :)

I'm attracted to Chamberlain because they don't have a waitlist. On the other hand, I realize that they ARE a for-profit school, and this might be some kind of scheme to sweep up desperate people like me. I may just be paranoid though...

First I wanted to let you know that posting this in the student section likely will not get you the answers you want. You may try posting it in the Missouri section as well.

Secondly, I am a current student at Chamberlain STL. I had a lot of concerns about making that choice. Since I have several friends who are nurses, I asked for a lot of advice from them, they were all positive things. Chamberlain STL was formally Deaconess College of Nursing, which has an amazing reputation in the STL area. Although I have encountered a few negative posts about the school, they are almost always entirely from people who did not finish the program. I have never heard anyone have issues finding a job. :)

As for the Pass rate, the 90% pass rate is for the NCLEX!

I personally am enjoying my time at Chamberlain so far, I will be honest and say that it is tough! Since it is an accelerated program, there are no lazy days. It really is important to not fall behind, or be lazy about things, since the work will just pile up.

Thanks for the reply. I'm glad you're having a positive experience with Chamberlain. And I took your suggestion and will repost this in the Missouri section. Thanks, I'm new to this board. :)

did you take the entrance exam?Nurse2b9742

did you take the entrance exam?Nurse2b9742

Yes I did take the entrance exam :) Don't stress over it, it's not that bad and you are allowed to retake it if you need to!

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