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Anyone taking the TEAS exam at JJC August 2013?


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I was wondering if anyone is taking the TEAS exam at Joliet Junior College August 2013? I will be finished with all my pre-req's and am curious if anyone else will be applying to take the TEAS August 1st. 2013. I am looking for some confidence back up with other student's at the college. I have met with my nursing advisor, and I am aware of the rigorous stipulations to get into their R.N. program. You need a good GPA, and high English scores on the TEAS, and of course a great number on the overall TEAS exam. Just wondering if I am the only one out here gearing up for the TEAS come August.

I will be applying also Aug 1st. I am stressing somewhat about this TEAS test. I am currently taking my last per-req....which is Bio 251. I was told that they look at the Reading score and the overall score for entrance into the program. Good luck to you! ;)