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anyone taking or have taken eri's?!?


I am freaking out about them. I have health assessment eri in the morning and psych and community eri's wednesday. I heard health assessment isn't too bad, but that the other two are HORRIBLE!! I am freaking out, plus I have my fifth pharm test tomorrow after the eri.

Eri's are pass or fail. I could be making an a in the course but if I don't pass the eri I fail the course. That's why I am freaking out!!! We do however get 2 chances to take them, sometimes three if you beg enouhg ; )

I am going crazy. I feel like I can't do this, and that my brain isn't retaining any information. I keep studying and feel like it's getting me absolutely no where.

I need encouragement or advice, just something to get me through this. :(


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Calm down....

I have already taken them all at my school. They are (at least in my opinion) fairly straightforward. You cant really study for them. It is kinda like the NCLEX either you know the fundamentals or you dont. Don't stress yourself out. I would tell u to focus more on psych because u have to know a LOT of drugs.



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I agree study those drugs! The practice tests on their website helped me a lot.

Do the practice tests over and over, since they give you the opportunity to do them.

I find it surprising that they make you pass those in order to move on to the next course. They don't do that for us. ERI is to help us with boards and for staff to see how well we are soaking up the material.

I agree - tying those stinking ERI's to a pass status in your class is AWFUL. Shame on your school. How about prorating your tuition to your pass/failure, too?? "I fail, you refund!" Bet that would hit them where they obviously live.

Good luck. Let us know how you do.

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