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Anyone taking a CNA course in the San diego, California area?


My CNA program is about to start on September 8th, and I'm very enthusiastic about it. Im taking this class at THE CENTRE CITY (Continuing Education campus.) and I was wondering if there's anyone who's part of this forum that is also taking a CNA class here in San Diego??

Hi, I know this is an old post. I'm actually going into orientation today for the Centre City Accelerated CNA Program. I wanted to know how it went and what to expect as far as the program curriculum goes.

Thanks in advance =)

You're gonna love it!!

First of, Cathy Campbel RN, the instructor, is awesome. You'll soon find out how her sense of humor really makes the class worth while. The clinicals are also going to be an awesome experience. If your class has clinicals at Cloisters of Mission Hills and Kearny Mesa Convalescent, then you'll really get a lot of hands on learning. Overall, you're really going to have your next 16 weeks well spent. Send me a message to let me know how it goes throughout your CNA course.

Best of luck!

Hey Jose, Thanks so much for the reply! The orientation went very well. This one is accelerated so it's 8 hour/day class and a total of 6 weeks so I'm hoping it won't be too compacted. I'll keep you posted =)

Hey! I figure that by now you're just about half way done with your CNA course. How has it been so far?

Hi Jose! We actually finished up this past Friday, it went super quick since it was only 6 weeks! Teachers were great, clinicals were hands-on and it was a great experience...but now the hard part...preparing for the board exam scheduled for August 6. Any pointers regarding the skills test?? I'm a little nervous

Well remember to always stay calm. Remember that the nurses that are testing you want you to pass. And, don't forget to hand the call light at the end of the skill. Then, wash your hands afterward. Are you looking for work?

I'm actually anxious to look for work but the fact that I don't have my license yet is holding me back from applying :(

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