Anyone taken CHM138 at Rio Salado?

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Hi everyone!

Has anyone taken CHM138 Chemistry for Allied Health at Rio Salado Online?

What were your impressions? If you were taking it to meet requirements at a school other than Rio Salado, did you have any problems transferring it? Please share any other thoughts.





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This old but I thought I would post in the event some one searches on this topic. CHM 138 sucks, the lectures are poorly written as are the quizzes and exams I have found many errors that I have had to point out to my instructor then to the Chem Department chair in order to get the appropriate credit. This school is good for what it was designed for getting done with a class if you already know the material. If your hoping to learn from one of their chem classes GET A TUDOR LINES UP. As the class itself is useless as an instructional tool. I am thankful I only needed two classes as the frustration of the poor quality materials is almost more trouble than it's worth.


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