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anyone take spanish class yet ?? :-)


Hi everybody, I wanted to ask the people who benefited and is talking the talk of espanol from taking elementary spanish in college. I don't want to just learn how to write it correctly. I am thinking that the class is just going to teach me correct gramma and not how to carry a conversation. My school does not have a "conversational spanish only course", so elementary spanish is where I will have to start. If you benefited or not, I would love to know your experience in that class. Thank you.

I have always been interested in languages, and in my grade school days, back in the '60's, we had to take either French or Spanish. I was assigned to French, which I enjoyed, but really didn't use in any practical way. So I had French from fourth to eighth grades,and count to 100, and sing songs about crows losing their feathers. Not very useful. But in senior high I took Latin, which is the basis of the 5 romance languages, and whose grammar is the basis of English grammar. I learned both the grammar, parts of speech, and the word roots that are the basis of most of the concept words in English. This helped me enormously with my English vocabulary, and also helped me to figure out a significant amount of French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian on my own. So, I would suggest to you that there are other benefits to learning a language from the beginning, other than just conversationally, because you become more proficient in your own language

I studied Spanish for 6 years. I can speak, read, and write it pretty well. None of my classes were conversational, but I started watching Telemundo and stuff on TV. I think that helped me a lot with speaking. ;)