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Anyone a student or previous student of Rutgers at Camden County College?

alsm1 alsm1 (New) New

Hello everyone!

Just wondering if anyone has had previous experience with admissions to the Rutgers Nursing Program at Camden County College in Blackwood New Jersey?

I'm planning on applying this winter after I complete my fall courses, but from what I'm hearing from other classmates is that it is a very popular program and is now highly competitive.

If you are a student, have applied and gotten accepted or rejected, would you mind sharing your experience? Including G.P.A., essay topic and even what you've heard from other people who applied or got in? I'm just so curious to know the range of what they accept since I have extremely good grades at CCC but extremely poor grades from previous colleges I attended years ago.

Thanks in advance!!

tnbutterfly - Mary, BSN, RN

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