Anyone in the STRAP program for Army or National Guard?


Hi! I am currently wanting some information about the STRAP program for CRNA school. Is there anyone in the program now or has gone through the program? I am wondering if I should go Army or National Guard. If I went either, it would be the reserves. I'm told in the reserves, you only owe one weekend a month for drill- however you could be deployed anytime as active duty. How long is deployment usually and does this happen often? I talked to an Army recruiter and he informed me if my program is 2 years I would owe the army 4 years. I would get a monthly stipend and also 50,000 repayment of loans. Is this accurate? How is the national guard different ? Is it worth it in the end to go STRAP or take out a 40-50,000 loan from a bank with interest? Any advice would be much appreciated !


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I was looking for the STRAP program as well. I believe a Military Health recruiter on this website, answered someone else, and he stated the STRAP program had ended. (I think the post was dated around 2010-2015). Also, when you do an advance google search for the program, nothing shows up for the past year.