Anyone still on pre recs and unsure about path?


Hi guys I am new to the forums.My name is Nikki and I'm a student at Broward College in Coconut creek Florida. I'm having trouble understanding how I should pursue my goals. Currently I am enrolled in the AA nursing program at BC. Next semester I take my final set of classes (statistics, human anatomy and physiology 2 and lab,microbio, and nutrition). I know that most nursing programs start in May but I won't be finished until after summer session (I will be taking my languages last during summer) I figure that's fine and I can do some volunteer work during the fall that should boost my chances of getting into a university.

Ultimately I would like to get into Nova or FAU. Am I correct in assuming that as long as I have my AA and take the exams (btw: anything else I'm missing that needs to be done before applying to a university other than required coursework and exam score?) that theirs still a high chance I wont get into due to limited seating.

My current G.P.A is a 3.2...I think that at best I can bring it up to a 3.4 as long as I continue to do well in the remainder of my courses. My concern is that lets say my G.P.A does not improve with 40 seats open how can I possibly get in? Ideally I want to move straight from my AA and continue on at a university in an BSN program right away...Do I have any other options that maybe are easier to get into?I would like to have a back up plan. Thanks for any input :)


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Hello Nikki,

Thanks for the post! The very first thing you should do is RUN and find your academic advisor and tell him or her of your plans. They can help you a lot more with your specific situation.

You might want to see if there are "Associate Degree RN - to - BSN" programs near you that you can do while you are working as an RN.

Good luck and keep working hard!


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