Anyone still on pre recs and concerned about path?


Hi guys I am new to the forums.My name is Nikki and I'm a student at Broward College in Coconut creek Florida. I'm having trouble understanding how I should pursue my goals. Currently I am enrolled in the AA nursing program at BC. Next semester I take my final set of classes (statistics, human anatomy and physiology 2 and lab,microbio, and nutrition). I know that most nursing programs start in May but I won't be finished until after summer session (I will be taking my languages last during summer) I figure that's fine and I can do some volunteer work during the fall that should boost my chances of getting into a university.

Ultimately I would like to get into Nova or FAU. Am I correct in assuming that as long as I have my AA and take the exams (btw: anything else I'm missing that needs to be done before applying to a university other than required coursework and exam score?) that theirs still a high chance I wont get into due to limited seating.

My current G.P.A is a 3.2...I think that at best I can bring it up to a 3.4 as long as I continue to do well in the remainder of my courses. My concern is that lets say my G.P.A does not improve with 40 seats open how can I possibly get in? Ideally I want to move straight from my AA and continue on at a university in an BSN program right away...Do I have any other options that maybe are easier to get into?I would like to have a back up plan. Thanks for any input

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