Anyone starting at Stanbridge on August 13?

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First post here! Just wondering if there is anyone out there starting at Stanbridge College in Irvine on August 13th in the full time LVN program? It would be really great to meet someone who is going there before orientation!

Hi Erinrose, my name is Wendy and I'm a student at stanbridge, I started almost a year ago on Agust and I'm about 3 months away from graduating. I want to tell you that you made the right decision by enrolling with stanbridgethe college is great and has a very high expectations from the students and the instructors.When I first started I felt overwhelm and very nervous, I had not been in school for 15+years, I used to cry on my way home from school for the first 2 weeks everyday, but as time went by I realized that I was doing great and I just needed to adjust a few things in my life, I had to learn organization of my time at home so I could accomplish my role as a student and as a mom and wife, for ex. before school I would say "I'm doing laundry tomorrow" then something else will come up and laundry never got done then I will be rushing to get it done right before it was needed, now is like this "I'm doing laundry this day from this hour to this hour" and it gets done, TIME MANAGEMENT is very very important.Also if you follow and do what the instructors tell you to do you will be successful. As time goes by you will learn to find your own studying method and you will be comfortable, they will set up studying groups at the beginning but to be honest I only attended one time to the group meeting studying sessions, I didn't like it everyone was talking and we never got to study, so I end it up been solo to study that way I would do it at my own time and my own style.Good luck, trust on yourself.If there is any more questions please let me knowWendy G

Thanks Wendy for that wonderful information! I am really nervous about starting there but everyone I have visited so far I just felt so comfortable and at home and everyone seemed really helpful! Early congrats for the graduation!

I graduated back last year let me know if you need anything

hi ladies :) i added all of you as i'm considering going to stanbridge.

im not so sure how i can send messages to you guys, i'm new here.

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Lol hey erin its eduardo!!! From your class! Woot woot were almost term 3!!!:)

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Moving to CA Nursing Programs to help you connect with other students.

Best of luck with school!

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