anyone starting RN-BSN MAY 26 '14

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Hey! Just looking to already buddy up with fellow masochists! lololol I had hoped to actually start April 7, but I refused to start with just a provisional - I wanted to see exactly what courses they were making me do as pre-req's as I already have a BBA and an ASN. As it turns out, I am stuck with needing Psych 1315, History 1311 and 1312, Poly sci 2312 and a Literature (however I am planning to discuss this need with advisor as I feel another course I took should cover it). And Technical Writing (which again, I plan to discuss with her as I took a speech class in college). Anyway, I work full time but anticipate taking the history classes alone as I have read horror stories on here. I have only always been a brick and mortar student, so online will be a new challenge in itself. I do plan however to do the general pre-req's first before starting any of the Nursing classes.


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I'm starting on April 7th with Nursing A - I'm a provisionally accepted student also. How long after they evaluated your transcripts did they get back to you about which additional classes you needed to take?


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I was hoping to start April 7, but.... Seems they have screwed up my transcripts and have yet to evaluate them. Every start date they say "Oh you'll have no problem getting in this start date". I really want to go here, but IDK how long I will wait. Any suggestions?

It took forever with me. I'm provisional as well. I'm in technical writing. Any feedback would be helpful


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Hey fellow students. I'm applying for the online May 2014 start date as well. Just waiting for transcripts to arrive at UTA at this point.

A few years ago I enrolled and started the first part of Chamberlain's online RN-to-BSN. It was ok, heavy on the paper writing and chat room requirements. Chamberlain's full program would run $22k and I'm still hesitant about online-only type schools. Chamberlain has joined with Devry.

I'm looking forward to the UTA program and being associated with the UT system.

I'm in Austin, TX is anyone is nearby :-)


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