Anyone starting Feb 1 Galen San Antonio?



I am starting at Galen San Antonio on Feb 1st. Just wanted to connect with a couple of students if there are any out there :):nurse:


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I am starting Feb 1st also. What class and group are you in? I am in A-1. :nurse:


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I am just finishing Q2 at Galen- half way there (at least for the first year)! Good luck to both of you.

I am in group B, i think, i will double check. I also am in the process of asking to be switched to a morning group. Right now my class schedule is wed, thur, Fri from 11 - 5. I really need to be in the 8 -230 group. So glad I finally found somone!!!!


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i am so ready to start. I am not happy about the morning but at least I'll be out by 230 most of the time which will give me more time to study and do other stuff that has to be done.


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May I asked all of you was the Net-PN test difficult, did it have biology/science or any algebra math questions, how do you get picked for the hours that you will be attending Galen for classes, and why is the background check so expensive and what company do they go thru for the background check or do they have you complete a fingerprint background their at Galen, also do they do a credit check with the background check. Vongratulations on you all getting in, and I am trying to get into the May 2010 class. Thanks, your answers will be appreciated...