Anyone here starting Dutchess Boces in Sep?

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Hi, anyone here accepted into the Dutchess Boces LPN program for this September (New York)? Or any recent graduates/attendees who can share some info?

I am scheduled to take the Teas on Monday. I have been studying the Teas material, and just got over and 80 overall (and over 70) on the Science and Math portions on the practice exams. What grade on the Teas do you need to get in?? Is is very competetive, will I need a 90 or higher to actually get in??? How fast until I know if I am accepted?

I am trying not to make a pest of myself by calling Boces a million times with questions. I found some posts here from peope in past years. Hopefully I can connect with someone who will be starting this september.

Thanks for any replies, I certainly would appreciate it.



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Hi Kathy,

Hoping you're still active on Allnurses! I was just accepted to Dutchess BOCES LPN program for fall 2010. Would like to talk to you about your experience at BOCES. I too do not want to call a million times and ask as many Just wondering what the books were (so maybe I could get them cheaper on ebay or something).

Any info would be much appreciated. was job hunting after graduation?

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