does anyone recommend l/d or maternal/ child nursing?

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Hi I'm going to start nursing school and want to go into the l/d and maternal/child care area. I really have no interest in any other areas of nursing, but have dreamed about l/d and m/c care for sometime. I am 27 years old, married and have two young children. I have a BS in chemistry and am certified to teach high school - but its not really what I want to do. I am now a mostly stay at home mom (work 10-12hrs/week), which I love, but am looking for something that allows me flexability to be with my children and do something I truly enjoy. I have been reading many posts on choosing nursing as a career and am starting to wonder - but I would like to hear from some l/d and maternal/child care nurses to see what your opinions are on this subject. I am fascinated by pregnancy, birth, newborns and everything these involve and would love to work in this field (somehow/someway). I would really appreciate any input. Thanks!


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Yes I would recomend Maternal Child Nursing to any one who has a strong calling for it as it seems you have. I have worked L&D, postpartum and nursery for 5 years. I love it. It's not for every one and those who do not like it should not be doing it at all. Childbirth is a very special time in a couples life. Also you will see teenagers, mostly single, and HIV+ and drug mothers, along with some very sad times. It is important to remember that everyone as your patient is treated with respect and kindness, as you may be the only person who is ever kind to them. This is not to be done at a high cost to you. I love this practice and value it highly. It is a calling and I wish you the best.

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