Anyone with MPH concentration in biostatistics?

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I work as an RN on a cardiac/thoracic stepdown.

I am toying with the idea of going to CUNY Hunter in NYC for an Masters in Public Health with a concentration in biostatistics.

Does anyone out there have a comparable degree? If so, where are you working, what are you doing, and how much are you making?

I am a little worried of investing the time and money in an MPH program and would like to find out more regarding empolyment prospects.

Also, I am a little worried because the CUNY Hunter program does not require a calculus course as a prerequisite, whereas a lot of other programs do. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for the help!

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hi, i am also considering a mph but concentrating on epidemiology and/or biostatistics. i have some links that might be helpful for you.

the university of north carolina at chaple hill has a nice section describing different ph careers.

unc also lists two more websites for career info:[url=][/url]

i think the salary range listed on the second website is way too low. on the first website, see what the govt is paying statisticians!

now this website from rollins sph is very interesting! it lists different alumni and what careers they are in.

here's what the cdc is paying for statisticians:,he39&brd=3876&vw=d&ss=0&sort=rv&fedemp=y&fedpub=y&jbf571=16

(scroll down to "salary range" listed at bottom of the job description)

epidemiologists at the cdc make a little more than biostatisticians, 70k to 127k.

fyi, epidemiologists are listed in the top 10 jobs at cdc (most common positions):

of course, who knows, maybe in the rest of the us, biostatisticians are wanted more than epidemiologists.

i've been looking at online mph degrees and i'm leaning more towards epidemiology.

well, i hope this helps and good luck,


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