Anyone know anything about these central fl hospitals?


Hi all!

Im searching around for hospitals to apply to around my area besides the "prominent" ones that I have already. Its tough snagging a job as a new grad! So I'm looking into the ones below currently:

Health Central Hospital

Select Specialty Hopsital-orlando

South Lake Hospital

St.Cloud Regional Medical Center

Osceola regional medical center

Winter Haven Hospital

Lakeland regional medical center

Anyone familiar with any of these hospitals? Any and all information you can offer about them is appreciated! Like which are good places to work as a nurse, which are not? New grad friendly, wages, patient ratios, which are easier to get into etc. I just moved to florida so I don't know much about them. Anything you guys know is helpful!

Thank you in advance!!!


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South Lake is in Clermont and is part of Orlando Health. I have heard the doctors in this hospital are not the best and hard to work with. It is very small and newer. I have also heard the patients have a lot of complaints but I have spoken to some nurses who seem to like it OK.

Health South is in a not so great area and some nurses say they fear for their license. I would stay away from Select. Not sure about the other ones.


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Lakeland is new grad friendly - they really want BSN grads but still take ADN. Not sure about any of your other inquiries.

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Winter Haven is also new grad friendly. My school does clinicals at both, and they are both well-liked among the students. Can't say anything for the wages, but I have several good friends who really enjoy working at Winter Haven. Lakeland is the only trauma center in the area, so that has draw too.


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I worked at Select Specialty in Orlando (both campuses) as a traveler.

As you probably know, it's an LTAC. Most of the patients are on vents with trachs, PEGs, PICC lines, complex wounds. The ratio was usually 5:1, I think. RT manages the trachs and vents. There are techs and PT, OT, speech, etc. If I can remember, there were strange rules such as techs don't do accu checks or the first vitals of the shift. When I worked there in 2011, it was all paper charting and MARs.

It's very strict on getting patients up and moving every day. The patient as you can imagine are a very heavy load, but it's not impossible. I actually learned a lot while there, but I don't know how long I would want to work there. I personally didn't like the DON and was glad for my 13 weeks to be up.


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Thank you everyone for your helps a lot!!! More tidbits are welcome! :))