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Hello Everyone,

Our hospital is looking into "job sharing". Does anyone out there do this? I did it at another hospital when I had a full time FTE. A co-worker of mine worked part of my pattern after we signed an agreement to enter into a job sharing relationship. The agreement was for the duration of a year upon which a reevaluation would take place. At that time of reassessment, I could opt to take my full time FTE hours back if I liked. During the job sharing relationship, if my friend moved away, the onus was on me to work my full time hours again as "owner of the FTE. It worked well for us back then. I am just curious if anyone else has tried this and if they did it another way? I appreciate any input. Thanks!!

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Some folks where I work split shifts frequently (one full timer and one per diem) with blessings. As long as no one's in overtime and the shift's covered...

I usually see this around the holidays. I've never seen one with a "formal" agreement though...


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Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for your reply. Are you working in a unionized hospital? I am curious. Our union here would not go for a regular splitting of shifts, unfortunately...this is why the hospital I am at now is exploring a formal policy and agreement for people who are interested. The biggest thing they were upset about was the way people paired up for the job sharing. If a person wanted to job share, the union wanted it posted instead of letting the person choose who they wanted to job share with.


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