Anyone graduate? TCN/ISU RN BSN program

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I was wondering....Did anyone graduate from this program?? I know that The College Network is a publishing company ...but did anyone signed up with the company and finished through Indiana State University????

Could you please somebody tell me about your experience?? How hard was clinical?? Did you get the clinical site right away???

I am taking most of the pre-req through a local city college and a few from TCN...

All the posts that I read was about signing up with the program or gave up the program....but I don't see anybody graduated from the program.


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I agree with you. I want to know the same thing.


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Hello there. I came across this post and noticed that you mentioned The College Network. From personal experience, I would not recommend them. All they did for my LPN to RN was send me some books, which were useless to me. I think it was a waste of $2000.00. Hope this helps. You may want to look a little deeper with TCN.


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Wow, yeah there are alot you nurses that say that samething. But its way to late for me now, I all really started a year ago now becouse I had stopped studying. If you dont mind what materials did you use to pass your coarses?

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