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Anyone going to BHSON fall 2017?!


Hi all! I just received my acceptance letter to Brockton hospital school of nursing! I will be doing the part time evening program. Anyone else accepted yet? I am so excited! And for current student or anyone who has graduated, what was orientation like?? I am so so excited and just can't stop thinking about it and what starting classes will be like!

Hi! I just got my acceptance letter yesterday but im doing the day program! Congrats! Ive been having a tough time finding anyone else online lol. Im sooo excited and relieved! A little shocked at the cost of the program but hey itll be worth it. Im curious to know what our schedule will be like. I work fulltime now but i'd like to be able to still work a couple days per week so we'll see!

Hi there! I got accepted as well, im doing the day program. Im excited and nervous at the same time, cant wait to see our schedule!

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Congrats!! I wonder when we will be finding out more about our schedule, etc. I have my hesi/info session scheduled in the beginning of may!

Do you know if the hesi affects our acceptance?

I think we definitely need to pass it but im not sure how else it effects us. My hesi and info session is next monday the 8th so i gotta brush up and study a little! I took the teas for another school over the winter and did fine so hopefully the hesi isnt too different!


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Hey! So I know this is an older post but I'm looking to apply to BHSON, and I was just wondering what prereqs/courses did you have completed before you applied? Online it says you only need algebra and biology, but I just wanted to compare with others who have gotten in