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Anyone not get in on the first try?

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by AdonaiLoveable AdonaiLoveable (Member)

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Hello all,

I've read several posts on applicants accepted to CRNA programs with minimum ICU experience on their first try, but I'm wondering about the experiences of those who were not accepted during their first round of applications and applied again successfully a year or so later. What changes did you make besides gaining more experience that you believe made you a successful applicant the second time around? Did you apply to the same schools or different schools the second time around?

Just wondering...



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mmc-rockstar has 7 years experience and specializes in Trauma/Surgical ICU, L&D.

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Been there.......Last fall I foolishly applied to one school thinking I was a shoe in.....Didn't even get an interview. But the best thing to do is get back up on that horse.

I got my "sorry but..." letter in Nov/Dec, found a program with a January deadline...applied...interviewed in March... and I start this fall. I learned not to be too disappointed w/ the rejection b/c even if you are not what one program is looking for, you might be a perfect fit for another. Good luck to all, and don't be discouraged just b/c one program tells you no.

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If the school has 'core courses' like theory, research, etc.--take these and get them out of the way, this will ease your pain during school and will show you are committed. Evaluate the experience you get in the coming year, a lot of places look for ICU experience that familiarizes you with vasoactive gtts, ciritical thinking, specialized EQ (aline, swans, IABPs, bolts, ventrics, etc). If your ICU experience isn't giving you these opportunities, seek one that does. Put yourself in their shoes by making yourself the best choice of those they will interview in the next round--sell yourself!!

good luck

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