Anyone familiar with Subutex?


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Is anyone very familiar with subutex? We have a postpartum that has a history of narcotic addiction...she started subutex 8 mg daily and has taken it the entire pregnancy. There is not a lot of research on its effects on pregnancy. The baby is healthy thus far. We are watching for withdrawal and doing abstinence scoring. The OB said that the babe could withdrawal. The active ingredient is buprenorphine.

It blocks the effects of other opioids and suppresses withdrawal and cravings. Something new to me.....Thanks;)


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I work on an adult C.D.U. A lot of our patients are now being prescribed a subutex taper. Most of our patients say it really helps with their withdrawal symptoms. I have never seen it used in a pregnant pt. though, in fact our females pts. have to have a negative HCG before we can administer the subutex. I guess it wouldn't be the best thing for a pregnant woman, but I think it would be better than her doing heroin or some other opiates! I haven't read any research on taking it during pregnancy though. I hope mom and baby will be A o.k.!


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I am familiar with Subutex (although I seem to remember it being Suboxen?? perhaps my bad memory:)

The problem with Subutex is that pt also can develop a dependency to it! I am not sure how often this happens although I did witness it, and I would wonder if this is also the case with this mother since she has been on it for SOOO long. One doctor that I spoke to felt that an inhospital detox over 3-4 days (Ativan and muscle relaxers) was preferable, and avoided the posibility of developing a Subutex dependency.

Not sure if I even remotely answered your question:) LOL! But hope this helps.


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