has anyone ever worked for a pain medicine specialist


What was it like? There is a good job in my area with the hours I need...but just now sure how the work will be.


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My mother is a pain management nurse. Its a 7-4 type job. She does a lot of IV starts, conscious sedation, monitoring of post-procedural sedated patients, discontinuing IV's, discharging, scheduling followups, calling in prescriptions to pharmacies, stuff like that. The most stressful part of her job is the patients (if you've ever dealt with chronic-pain patients, you can probably relate) because some of them very much have behavioral patterns less of people in pain and more of people with an addiction and as such you have to sort through the BS to find the truth (I need a new hydrocodone scrip, my daughter accidentally knocked mine in the toilet type stuff). You'll also follow up on drug tests and such like that to make sure that people aren't using more drugs than just what you are giving them. Overall, it's not a bad job though.

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