Anyone ever work for an R&D company?

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  • by laurasc
    Specializes in Gen Surg, Peds, family med, geriatrics.

I have an interview coming up this week with a company that essentially specializes in R&D for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. They apparently have quite the nursing department. The job involves telephone triage/pt advice and information, clinical trials and involvement in specialty clinic days. (I have experience in all of that) I imagine it involves a certain amount of travel at least locally.

Anyone ever do something like that? I'm trying to get a feel for the job before I go for the interview. I scanned the company web page but it contains the usual corporate/marketing BS you find in most glossy, high priced marketing schemes.

Also, the interview is scheduled for immediately after work. I wear a uniform to work and doubt I will be able to change before heading you think that will be an issue?

Thanks in advance


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