anyone ever use EMO drawover system?


I just got back from a mission trip to Africa. I had no idea what I would find. The surgery they normally do is sedation with ketamine/valium/ pethidine (British Demerol). I was asked to go by a general surgeon from our hospital, when I got there I found an EMO system. No pressurized oxygen, O2 is from an oxygen concentrator, no EKG, no pulse ox, and an old Dinamap. The machine had an Oxford mini vaporizer for halothane, an EMO vaporizer for ether and has an Oxford bellows. Because of this system I did 35 spinals. But I did one general for bowel perfs related to typhoid. I took my own laryngoscope but had to use this machine, it was do-able but not much on the comfort level. I'm hoping someone else has used this system and can pass on a few pearls since we're going back next year. It's one thing to read about the system and another for someone who's used it to give pointers. I had been to Haiti for other mission trips and never thought I'd say that I missed a vernitrol machine.

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