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Anyone ever had to make a teaching plan for new moms??


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Hi, I am in Ob/peds and I have to do a teaching plan that I can use to take with me to new mothers in the hospital during my clinicals. We got the booklet from the hospital that they give to new moms and we are supposed to make an outline from that so we can talk with the mom and go along with her while she has the book and we have our outline. I was wondering if anyone else had to do this and if they possibly had a copy of theirs for me to kind of make mine by.

I am just kinda having diff. with mine, I am not sure how to take the info from the booklet and put it into an outline for me, the information in the new mom packet is already outlined and condensed, and I am having problems making my own. Knowing what to put and what isn't really ness. for it.

Maybe you've seen one done in your facility by a student and have a layout??

Thanks in advance.....


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Just use the book, Highlight the most important aspects of the book and teach those things to the moms Our book is quite lengthy and there is no way to go over all of it. In our Baby care class we teach the basics. if they have not delivered start with appearances and what to expect. then skin care, cord care, diapering. bath time, etc. till you have completed your outline. are you a student

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