Anyone else waiting for Sierra college??

Students Pre-Nursing


:rolleyes: Hi everyone,

Just wondering how many of you are waiting for word on Sierra college ADN program??The nursing dept doesnt want you to call.I figure if 300 people are applying,a few will see this thread!

If anybody gets a it.So,at least we all know what they are up to.




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Heard a couple of people are getting denial letters from Sierra.Did anybody get accepted?Today is 6 week mark.I guess no news is good news.:rolleyes:


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Well,friend of mine that has a 3.9 just got their denial letter.They said there was 300 applicants for 30 spots.Im sure a lot of others at Sierra got their denial letters this week.They say its a lottery pool.

Would like to hear some good news from anyone that got in this week!

Also,anybody apply to ARC or Sac City?They are lottery also.Wondering who is getting in.Sierra said they "may" accept in progress grades during application period.Im wondering if they do??

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