Anyone with details about working at Brackenridge (Seton) in Austin Tx?

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As I continue to do research, I have read some posts that warn about working in Texas, but damn, Austin looks so great! Ilove the idea of a progressive, southern setting........and Austin Tx, appears to be that setting.

I received a package from the Seton Healthcare Network and I am in the middle of either ruling them out or in........I am looking for a good all round experience in an ICU setting, teaching hospital.

Can anyone recommend Brackenridge, part of the seton group.......or warn me away?

Thanks J.

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Or anywhere? It kinda sounds to me like you are looking for an excuse not to move. List the pro's and cons of Austin and of moving. Austin is considered the utopia of Texas. It is a sophisticated, educated , dynamic, young city of 450,000 people. It is the silicon valley of the South and Mid West. You can be sure the people who live there have state of the art healthcare and facilities.

You sound like you are looking for a reason not to go. Instead of what does the city have to offer you? What do you have to offer the city?

Austin is not uptight.


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Well PRN, I guess the fact that I am a Canadian RN with ICU experience might be enough for Austin, or any other place I think I might fancy.

EVERY US hospital is salivating over the prospect of me moving there.

Which gives the time and ability to pick and choose.

Glad to hear that Austin is NOT uptight. Thanks for the input.

Let me tell you, I wish I was in Austin! My best friend lives there and works, I think, for an agency that contracts almost exclusively with Seton. She floats around, goes where she wants when she wants, and once gave me a truly nauseating quote of her take-home pay one weekend! She had her 1st baby 17 months ago and has an enviable work schedule.

Austin is really beautiful- 2 lakes, lots of great restaurants, near San Antonio & a lot of other tourist attractions, low crime and unemployment rates, VERY dog-friendly (just never, ever, ever leave your dog in the car in the summertime w/ the windows cracked open. People will leave you harshly worded notes on your windshield)

I can sum up working in Austin, I think, in 1 sentence: My best friend told me once that if her husband, who makes pretty dang good $$, suddenly lost his job, they would eat out less often but she could support the 2 of them on what she makes ($1200 mortgage, 2 car payments, 2 jet skis)

I live in NM (temporarily, please, God!) and would be hard put to support myself on what I make!!

Good luck w/ your decsion, and come back if you have any further questions!

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One of the "lakes" is a river, the Colorado River flows thru the center of town....where are u in n.m.? I was wishing I was there ! In Taos or Santa both thoses cities !!you must be in southern n.m. ..........?

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