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Anyone currently attending UAMS BSN program?

I am working on pre-reqs now and hope to go summer after next ( Summer 2008) I would love to ask some questions of someone in the program or recently graduated. If you don't mind answering some questions please send me an email and I'll ask away.

Thanks so much,

Carol Ann


Has 5 years experience. Specializes in med/surg, new FNP.

Hey I just graduated with my BSN and am in the RN to MSN tract. I would be happy to answer any questions, just PM me

i'm hoping to start in summer '08 too!! just waiting for the acceptance letter to coming!


I bet you are excited about starting this summer. I ended up deciding to wait one more year until I start. I've got a lot of family things to take care of in this next year so it looks like it will be summer of 09 for me. Where did you take your pre-reqs? I have a bunch of friends from ASU-Beebe who will be at UAMS this summer.

Good luck !

i'm taking my pre-reqs at ualr...there are quite a few people there that are taking pre reqs too! i can't wait to start! i still have to get accepted though! good luck starting next year though! and i hope you get your family stuff worked out so that you will be able to go!

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