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anyone attending northwest college

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how hard is pre entrance exam for lvn

I'd say that the test was relatively difficult but it isn't very hard to pass. I think I remember you had to pass with a 60% but I am not certain. The test has a difficult math and science section but you can buy study guides for the test, just call and ask what the test is and Google it. I didn't study for the test because I thought it would be similar to the entrance exam at most community colleges but it was defiantly more difficult. I would recommend studying but don't stress out to hard about it. Good luck! :]

how hard is pre entrance exam for lvn

I know that this is a way late response, but there may be someone out there looking for the answer to this question!

When you apply to North-West, you do this preliminary questionnaire with like fifteen questions to just test your aptitude of math and language. It is very, very easy. Once you pass this, you will move on to the PAX.

The PAX-VN/PN (VN- Vocational Nurse and PN- Practical Nurse are the same thing, so you can buy a study guide with either), assesses your level of knowledge in mathematics, science (biology, anatomy and phyisology, some chemistry, some physics.) You have to earn a score of 99 to pass the PAX.

Be sure to press the front office to give you their study guide and vocab guide. It should have math, English, and science questions and information in it. Memorize, memorize, memorize. Get out those flashcards and start memorizing all that information and get very comfortable with it. Plus. once you get in, it will feel like you are doing nothing but making flashcards the next sixteen months of your life, so you may as well get used to it.

Get the PAX study guide from Barnes & Noble. I got the Idiot's Guide to Nursing Entrance Exams, and it covered PAX type questions. Study hard and ace it! Good luck!