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Anyone out there attended/attending Univ. of Northern Alabama for RN-BSN


I am seriously looking at UNA for my RN to BSN and trying to find someone with 1st hand experience with the school. They are moderately priced and I dont have to do my pre-reqs before I start the program. I just have to finish them before graduation. Also, you can finish the program in one year. Those are HUGE pro's for me. Im just wondering about grading(like groupwork) and dealing with the college itself.

I just completed the RN to BSN program at UNA. I graduated May 9th 2009. I have nothing but good things to say about the UNA program. It is very reasonably priced compared other schools. The online format is great and easy to navigate. The professors are very caring and respond to concerns in a timely manner. The only group work consisted of weekly online discussions with fellow classmates on a topic posted by the instructor. All other work was individual. This was very appealing to me since I like to be accountable for my own work. There are 6 nursing courses to take. It probably would be possible to finish in a year, if you are willing to take a full load and don't have to take a lot of courses other than the nursing courses. It took me longer because I paid the total cost for my BSN out of pocket. I did not want to take out any loans.

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