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Anyone attend NGCSU?

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I am looking for nursing students attending NGCSU (North Georgia College and State University). I am trying to figure out if they have a wait list or waiting time to enter the program because the admission dates on the website don't jive. Basically I want to start there THIS fall (as in August) but it says I need to apply to the school before November (duh, I need to go there in August??) and then apply to the nursing program by December. I am guessing one either has to apply a year IN ADVANCE to get in the following fall OR their dates just aren't right. I went ahead and applied for entry this fall and I am going to apply to the nursing school as soon as I get accepted to

the college. But I want to know if there is any chance that I will be attending there this fall in the nursing program. TIA!:up::up::up:


I don't go to that school, I'm in my first year of NS in another state....but I will say that that applying in November for the following September is pretty common.

Best of everything as you figure this out.


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That's the way it is done at my current university, too, but it doesn't say anything about a 1 yr wait on the NGCSU website :) So I thought- hey- change universities and get it done a year earlier! :) If there is a one year wait it will turn into my back up plan.

Yeah, I've never seen a university actually say it's a year wait...they just say apply by Dec to start in the Fall.



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Thanks, I think that is the case here. It was just wishful thinking I could get in somewhere else faster LOL! :) Well at least I have one more application in for next year if I don't get in at my current one (my school of choice).

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