Anyone applying for Emory/GA state/ Medical college of GA FNP program for '13?-

U.S.A. Georgia



I'm just wondering if Anyone is preparing or applying for the FNP program at emory/ GA state/ GA southern/ medical college for fall 2013?

I will be starting my RN-BSN course this fall, and will be done by summer of 2013 :) I've been gathering infos from their website, but I was wishing if anyone is on the same boat as I am or in the program already!

hi [color=#ff6600]ruri10743,

i've been trying to find someone who is also applying to fnp programs in ga next year. i am very interested in applying and sharing info with people who are in or about to start a program. i just completed my rn-bsn this month and want to get the ball rolling asap for my fnp. i can share some of the info i've received so far.

Oh wow! Glad to find someone aiming very similar goals as I do! :D

Have you taken the GRE? I was looking for the admission data for the schools that I am going to far.. no luck :( Most of them want the GRE score at least 150(verbal) + 150(qualitative) as their minimum and the AWA score of 3.5.but I wanted to know what was the average score (GRE and the GPA) for the most recent accepted students:)

Do you have any info regarding that part?

Thank you in advance! :D

Hi, i am also planning to apply to a US school to get into FNP but i am an international applicant. Is there anyone out here who was successful at applying at a US university?

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