Anyone apply to St. Francis college for the Traditional BS program?

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I am going to start applying for nursing programs very soon. I have been taking all the pre-requs, starting A&P 1 in Fall, now and looking into nursing programs. I came across St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY.

Did anybody attend St. Francis college and can tell me about it?

I do not have a BS or AAS degree so I am looking into programs that do not require too many pre-requs.

I am going to apply to Philips school of nursing (accelerated AAS) and Farmingdale in December.

Any help is much appreciated.

I am also looking into going there and I spoke with a nursing academic advisor. They said they accept 100 students every fall into their "prenursing phase", which is what they call it, and from there the 100 students who get in take a nursing preassessment course, i forgot to ask what it consists of so i dont know. After the fall semester is over, the nursing dpt reviews everyones grades and their 3 recommendation letters and i believe they do an interview and they determine the 75 students who actually get into the nursing program, that beings in the spring, which they call "phase 2". If you need other information, i suggest speaking with a nursing academic advisor because they were really helpful with all the questions i had.

and as far as what you need to get into the program, you need either a 75% or higher on the TEAS or you can use your SAT score but it has to be a compiled score of 1050 or higher. The classes they said you need is a b+ or better in A&P1 & 2, gen chem 1&2, college algebra and statistics.


I know it has been a while since someone posted here but I am looking into St. Francis for Fall 2019. Anyone apply for the program yet?

Phillips school of nursing is not offering the AAS of Fall 2019, they actually getting rid of that program. I found that out the hard way after submitting my application, taking the HESI and paying for everything ?

I am also going to apply to Farmingdale Advanced standing program for Spring 2020.

Has anyone applied since this thread was created? Looking to hear from current students.

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