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Anyone applied to Lichson ???


Hey I was wondersing if there any applicants that have been accepted to lichson already or been interviewed how was your expericence?????

I had my interview last Tuesday the 12th. I think it went well. The professor was very nice and made me feel very comfortable (although I was still nervous of course). He asked about what drew me to nursing and what I though my strengths and weaknesses were. Also what I think the job of a nurse is. A lot of things you would expect in an interview for nursing school. In the end he asked me to write a short essay. I had heard this might happen, but I think it is just so they see your cold writing skills as opposed to the edited essay you turn in with your application.

dny09 i went to the interview on may 5th a week before you the prof was also nice ask the same questions. it was relax and it went well ... i haven't heard nothing yet did they tell you when they would let you know if you're in?????

I believe that they have a committee meeting next Tuesday or Wednesday to discuss the people that have been interviewed so far. But I don't know when after that they give notice. Or if they do it through calls or snail mail. I am hoping to hear sometime late next week though. I feel like there is so much I need to do if I am accepted, and I want to get a jump on it so I hope they don't take too long getting back to everyone!

well let's pray that by next week we get good news ....i really hate waiting ...did you apply elsewhere????

No, just Lichson. I had planned to apply for a couple school in 2010 but then the recession hit and my job got it's hours cut back. It made me realize I needed to start figuring things out sooner rather than later. I figured if I applied to one place this year and didn't get accepted I could finish up my prereqs and feel more confident going into application time next year. But now that I feel so close, I will be really disappointed if I don't get in this fall.

What about you. Are you waiting on any other schools?

sorry to hear that but dont worry am sure you get in lichson I heard that of you been interviewed most likely you are already accepted but rumors can be wrong you never know.. i applied to bmcc where i am currently attending and also to beth israel but my nln was low so they send me letter but i dont understand what they saying is not a rejection letter nor acceptance

I have heard that rumor as well. I assume that our chances are pretty good at this point but you're right, you never know.

I have heard about confusing letters going out from beth israel. There is a thread on here about the school and someone was talking about having received one a couple days ago. It probably doesn't hurt to call just for some clarity.

I also hear bmcc in really tough to get into. I work with a girl that goes to lichson and she was at bmcc forever trying to get into the nursing program. She had a super high GPA too. Well I hope you get your first choice program!

yea i try calling but they never pick up the phone but am going to keep trying ... since your friend goes to lichson is the school really so bad how people talk about it in these posts???

She says she likes it, but that you have to take a lot of initiative as far as your learning experience. I get the impression that there isn't a lot of hand holding. Sha hasn't had any horror stories though. I doubt it's as good as beth israel, but I'm hoping that if my own study habits are strong enough I will be ok.

is true what you say you have to be prepared and willing to study hard in any nursing program you get in

yup! when they ask u to memorize all kinds of meds and names of muscles and bones and god knows what else, especially in latin, u bet ur ass u gonna have to sit on it for hrs to come up with acronyms and such to remember them all.

any how, i had a word with GM when i went to drop of my grades, she had a bunch of files (applications) on her desk and she showed me one of the apps that she was preparing with a 99%tile. i felt like if got punched in the stomach. all i got is a 91% and 132 composite. i need to get in whatever it takes.

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