Anyone who applied and got accepted or went to USF undergrad nursing program?

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So I want to apply for the nursing undergrad program at USF and right now I'm going to be a second year community college student and planning to apply for the Fall 2010 semester or spring 2010.

Can anyone give me some tips on how to apply and what classes I should be taking at community college? And what was your GPA when you applied?

Because right now I got a C in the first semester of Chemisty and a C in honors philosophy so I'm really really worried that I won't be able to get into USF nursing or any nursing school.

I originally wanted to go to UCLA nursing school, but the admissions person I emailed said they try to accept 7-10 students and this year they only accepted 2 with GPAs of 3.97 and 4.0 so I know its really impossible to get into UCLA nursing with my 3.3 GPA :bluecry1:

Can someone give me some guidence on what I should do now or what my chances are? I'm really losing hope in becoming a nurse :crying2:


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I am a student there, great school!!!

I think that I had around a 3.5 when I applied, but I also had extracurricular activities. I am an EMT and have operated in volunteer and paid positions.

I was not alone in this, most everyone I know that got accepted was either a CNA, unit clerk, EMT or involved in health care in some form.

My advice is do well in the rest of your pre reqs (this will help you get in, and you will want a good foundation, the program is rigorous), and get some medical experience. Take anatomy, phisio, and micro for sure. Try to get psych, general and developmental (the whole lifespan), statistics, and whatever other general ed you can.


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did you get accepted the first time you applied?

and do you know what they mean by "If you are a transfer student who is clinically-ready, you may transfer during the Fall semester but will not be able to start clinicals until the Spring semester."?

I found that on their website for prospective students. Do you know what clinically-ready means?


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I was accepted the first time I applied.

Clinically ready means having anatomy, physio and micro done.


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ohhh i see.

what about chemistry and organic chemistry?


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i took one semester of chemistry, and it was "chemistry for allied health professionals." They dont have a requirement for chem or ochem.

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Did you get accepted to USF nursing school? I'm looking at schools right now to apply to for the '11 fall semester.. I was wondering what the average GPA and TEAS score was for USF nursing school.

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